our company

100% Bumiputra owned, SPSB envisions a business module within various markets in Brunei's economy, hence, our motto

Syarikat Perdasa Sendirian Berhad (SPSB) is founded and 100% Bumiputra owned by Haji Md Musa Bin Haji Suhaili, who serves as the Executive Chairman. SPSB is 100% locally managed.

Perdasa is a union of Perdana, meaning prime, and Jasa, meaning loyal service. The name was given with the intention of endeavouring into markets that have the potential to provide jobs for our locals, while bringing in innovation that adds value to our business services and solutions.

The Setup

SPSB was setup in 2009, to provide advertising and printing services on a small and easily manageable scale.

Staffed with a small multi-tasking team of 5 personnel, we delivered on a variety of print projects from personal and highly customized printing projects to small business print deliveries.

Today, our operations has grown to include services in Civil & Building; Scaffolding; Sales & Trading; HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning); GRE Pipelining (Glass Reinforced Epoxy); Wireline Services for well intervention and; electrical fabrication and mounting. These divisions function to provide a variety of business solutions for the government and private industries within the Brunei market.

Our Services

• Fabrication of signage, printing, embroidery and event management
• Construction and maintenance of civil and builing works
• Provision of onshore scaffolding facilities for construction and maintenance of building structures
• Provision of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units and services
• Provision of GRE pipelining services
• Provision of wireline services
• Provision of industrial chemicals and products to the local oil and gas sector